The oil industry comprises a wide range of chemical applications needs, ranging from production fields to the crude oil refining process plants and finished products.

The purification of crude, control of fouling and corrosion are a major concern in the oil industry, so we have focused on the development and supply of high-efficiency products which guarantee significant benefits to our customers by way energy saving and preservation of its facilities.

Moreover, recently we have incorporated into our development applications for chemical to interior equipment, processing plants and storage tanks without the need for these to be operated, significantly reducing the time and cost of maintenance cleanings.

All our applications are accompanied by the technical support necessary for maximum utilization of the products, by detailed monitoring of different process variables, process chemical analysis, inspections, monitoring, reporting and recommendations.

The steel industry is currently facing the challenge of making their processes more efficient in order to increase its production capacity and improve steel quality in both its physical and surface properties. To meet this challenge, it has required the modernization of equipment and support from specialists in the field of lubricants for lamination.


Consistent with our mission to provide our customers based on products and services of quality solutions, we have introduced in this industry the concept of “Integral Service” which is to integrate within a single service program all stages that make up a unit production or business.


The aim of this division is to provide the national steel industry new technologies with application areas cold rolling and hot, improving the quality specifications to levels of international competitiveness

In addition to the impact on environmental pollution, burning residual fuels also it involves significant damages to the processes and equipment where they are used.