In line with our mission and convinced that a company is successful only to the extent of the quality of its employees, in products Rolmex we have always strived to develop our staff in a comprehensive manner, enabling both in the technical field and in the development personal skills.
To provide a technical service to meet the expectations of our customers, our staff needs to be involved in detail in the user problems and master the various processes and mechanisms it uses. This is vital if we are to provide the necessary to obtain the maximum benefits of our products advice.


An important part of the partnerships we have done is precisely the transfer of advanced technology for different areas of business, so we have a very comprehensive source of expertise available to our customers, increasingly requiring the support of our engineers Service.

We also have laboratory equipment and appropriate measurement to support and ensure the proper performance and operation of the products we offer, always ensuring the strictest quality control. In order to make the operation more efficient company, we have an external shuttle service to ensure timely supply of raw materials and timely delivery of finished products.